About Special Events

Nomination Forms – Open/Sanctioned Meetings – State, National, World Championships

Nomination forms are required for various types of meetings.

These are highlighted, usually by an asterisk or “P/N” (Pre Nomination), on the Happy Valley club race calendar.

Riders holding a Club Permit licence can not compete in these meetings

When a nomination form is required it is important that you fill in all the details, to ensure you are placed in the correct class.

You also need to check whether a particular meeting is being run with:

  • age on the day or
  • year of birth to determine the appropriate age class.

If you wish to compete in a class above your age eg. you are 10yrs old and would like to compete in the 11yr class – make sure you highlight any requests. This will only be allowed at certain race meets, and not at State Level or National Level events

Sprocket riders cannot compete out of their class (Sprockets).

Invitation voucher and money classes must have attained the minimum age requirement.

You are still required to pay the entry fee if a club accepts your nomination in good faith and you don’t attend.

2 thoughts on “About Special Events

  1. happyvalleybmx Post author

    HI, Thanks for your enquiry, at the moment, we do not race Mini Wheelers (balance bikes) But the Cove at Hallet Cove and Cross Keys at Gepps Cross both run this category.

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