By Laws

  1. All safety gear to be worn on the track when gate mechanism is in operation – NO EXCEPTIONS!
  2. Number plates must have correct prefix and number, and must be securely attached to handlebars properly.
  3. Track is closed to riders during break at race meetings.
  4. No bikes to be ridden along veranda area during race meetings, gate starts and coaching sessions.
  5. No alcohol to be consumed during race meeting.
  6. Riders are responsible for their parents’ actions at race meetings. Refer to section 21E in current rider handbook.
  7. No smoking in non-smoking designated areas.
  8. No stopping on berms and obstacles at gate start sessions, etc.
  9. Nominations to close 15 minutes before advertised time of commencement of racing. Late nominations will be accepted up to 10 minutes before advertised time of commencement of racing with a $1 penalty. PENALTIES Infringements will incur penalties as per Happy Valley BMX Club Code of conduct policies and at the discretion of the Race Referee on the day and the Happy Valley BMX Club Committee.

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