Club Number

Once you have joined the club you will be allocated a club number which must be shown with the club suffix eg. “HV” on a number plate.

Club plates are also available which include:

  • club colours
  • riders name
  • club logo
  • website

These plates are easily fitted with velcro tabs and are very hard wearing.

Sprockets (7yrs and under) have an orange plate with black numbers
Boys (8yrs and over) have a yellow plate with black numbers
Girls (8yrs and over) have a blue plate with white numbers

Cruiser classes have a red plate with white numbers

Novice (8yrs & over) have a green plate with a white number – this plate is required if you don’t have a state, national or world plate and wish to compete in the novice class when offered at some meetings.

Other club and special plates are also available.


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