You do not have to go out and buy a bike designed for racing. You can start with any 20″ bike or 24″ cruiser bike that meets the safety requirements.

Once you have mastered some track skills, a race bike can be an advantage because of the light weight components. Watch the notice board for 2nd hand gear.

Accessories such as stands, chain guards, bells, lights, reflectors, freestyle pegs must be remove before you can race.

Clothing must consist of long pants and a long sleeve top. Jackets and shirts must be zipped or buttoned up. Socks must cover the ankles and shoes must be enclosed. Full fingered gloves must be worn.

Helmets should be in good condition for your own safety. A full face helmet is required,  Most bike shops have a range of helmets suitable for BMX racing.

WE HAVE SEVERAL LOAN BIKES AND SOME  HELMETS AND GLOVES TO BORROW WHICH ARE ON A FIRST IN FIRST SERVED BASIS and cane used for a period of 4 weeks whilst you decide if the sport if for you.

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