Officials & Volunteers

Like most sporting clubs and non-profit organisations we rely solely on volunteers for the club to exist.
We are in desperate need of new volunteers to assist as officials at race meetings and helpers in the canteen.

Our club coaches are always looking for help at club coaching sessions. (speak with our coaches to see how you can do this).

We also rely on volunteers to assist with the general cleaning and tidying of the clubrooms, toilets and surrounds. Working bees are held a couple of times per year in an attempt to have a major spring clean.
There are many areas during race meetings requiring officials. Training is given until you feel confident to have a go on your own. Officials are accredited by the State Officiated Director.
Registrar, Scorer, Penciller

This area needs people willing to learn how to score a race meeting both manually and by computer.

Taking nominations at club meetings.

Assisting with pre-nomination meetings by sorting riders into classes and feeding info into the computer program.

Recording results at race meetings for the scorer.

Observing the finish line judge’s call when riders are finishing close together.


Sorting riders into their classes onto the gate from the sheets provided.

Gate Starter

Learning how to operate the gate mechanism and assisting at gate starts, coaching and race meetings
Flag Marshall

Placed at various positions around the track. You will be trained to distinguish infringements from legal maneuvers. After learning this you can progress to Race Commissaire and Race Director.

Finish Line

Calling riders in the correct order as they cross the finish line.

Assistance will be given by the club’s more experienced commentators.

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