Where do we Race

Happy Valley:

Late January – Mid December – Friday nights at 7:15pm to about 9:30pm
Check our race calendar for further details.

On Race night – you need to register in the ‘classes’ you wish to race BEFORE 7:15pm.
A Moto is 1 ’round’ of racing for each ‘class’ (i.e. 5-6yr Sprockets, 8yr Boys, 14+ etc)
Generally there are 3-4 Moto’s and a Final for each class.
If you are NOT a Sprocket (i.e. 8yrs and older) then you can enter more than 1 ‘class’ (i.e. 14+ and Cruisers) It would help to mention it to the race coordinators to help them give you a break between races.

I won’t go into all the details here – but basically a series comprises of (say) 5 Friday nights. To be eligible for prizes for a particular series – you need to have competed in (say) 4. So if a race series has (5/4) next to it – it means that it has 5 series & you need to have competed in 4 of them to be eligible for a ‘prize’. Your ‘score’ is tallied over the total Series. But even if you missed the first 2 nights of the series, you can still compete and have some fun.

Other events, like Mystery Trophy nights only require you to race that night – and you get to take home a trophy.

There are special Series, for example, State Series Cup, which each club plays host to 1 meeting (7 in total). These meetings are usually big race meetings, drawing riders from all clubs – even neighbouring States – and are a HUGE amount of fun – especially the Country Club meetings when traveling with other Happy Valley racers.


Other Clubs :

In South Australia there are 7  BMX clubs across the state.  You should be able to find out from their web-site which nights they race.

Once you have your BMX Licence, you are not limited to only racing at Happy Valley. Each club hosts their own series of racing events.

4 thoughts on “Where do we Race

  1. Georgia

    can girls race bmx at this club. if they can do they train in groups of just girls and do they race at the same time as the boys. do they race different days then boys.

  2. happyvalleybmx Post author

    Hi, Thanks for your enquiry. Girls can definately train and race at this club. Training is mixed, and racing is all on the same day and is either mixed or if there are enough girls, there are often girls only classes.

  3. Shannon

    I am interesting in getting my 6 year old into sprockets or box racing how can I join him up

    Thank you

  4. happyvalleybmx Post author

    thanks for your message, you can come along on Tuesday nights to training and sign your son up in the office. if you come around 5.50pm, it will allow time to process the paperwork and him join in at 6pm

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